Home Inspection

Home Inspection

Most people would think you only need a Home Inspection for the house that you are purchasing, however, it is a great idea to have your home inspected BEFORE you list it for sale.

Many times a house sale has been cancelled as a result of unsatisfactory Home Inspection results.  Doing a home inspection on your own house is a great way to head off any potential problems with potential buyers. You can then determine what should be repaired before even listing the house.

A good home inspector will give you an unbiased assessment of the structural and mechanical soundness of your home. He or she will identify any existing or potential problem areas, and give an overview of the condition of the foundation, basement, roof, windows, doors, walls, ceilings, floors, plumbing, electrical, heating & cooling systems. The best inspectors will also make suggestions on how to solve any problems they discover and give a general estimate of possible costs.

When hiring a home inspector, make sure:

That they are well established and have the required experience and credentials.
That they are independent and unbiased - they have no affiliation with any firms that might create a conflict of interest.
That they will provide a thorough written report of their findings.
That they stand behind their work. What warranties do they provide?
That they are members of a professional association, such as ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), NANB (National Association of Home Builders) or ICBO (International Conference of Building Officials).